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Christmas Recap

I have finally emerged from Christmas, but I think I was holding onto my holiday mindset since I was waiting for my brother to arrive from Saskatoon. He got back this morning, because he was working over Christmas. I suppose I just wanted to share  a bit of Christmas with my brother. I was particularly excited for him to open the present I got him because I found it back in September and it seemed perfect for him. I think he liked it.

Christmas was a lovely time to spend with family. Some of my cousins and their children stopped by for a bit to say hi. It was definitely different having younger children around! My aunt and uncle joined us for dinner.

For our dinner, I made crispy roasted potatoes: crispy on the top like a potato chip and soft in the middle. Yum! Thank goodness for the food processor – it would have taken forever slicing the potatoes with a mandolin.


Unfortunately I was in such a rush I didn’t snap a shot of the main event of Christmas dinner: my mom’s delicious Cornish hens in an ale barbecue sauce. My mom first made Cornish hens for Christmas about four years ago to change things up. We liked it so much that Cornish hens are now a yearly tradition on Christmas. We make sure to have turkey on Thanksgiving.

For dessert, we had my mom’s trifle. We also had my Christmas cake that I made back in October! Mm, this was sweet and rich. It was definitely fulfilling just making this cake and feeding it for the last couple months.


Lots of dried fruit

Lots of dried fruit

I just came back from a buffet with my dad’s side of the family. It was great seeing my cousins again. Now, however, I am stuffed and ready to go to bed.


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’twas the night before Christmas

My life post papers has basically been sleeping and baking — and eating too, ha ha.

Between my sister, mom and I, we made eight kind of cookies. I think that might be a record for us.

Flourless chocolate coconut drops from Everyday Food/Shutterbean. Oh, man, chocolate explosion.


Anna Olson’s Orange Toffee Slices. This was a  new recipe, and they were so delicious!


Snickerdoodles, a recent tradition for me.


My mom made her classic almond crescents.


Almond florentines.


Gingerbread cookies


My sister made her cranberry almond shortbread cookies. It has almond extract so it’s extra glam!


My family loves these Kahlua balls my sister has made for the last several years. This year we learned my sister doesn’t actually like them, since they are, admittedly, very sweet, but she felt obligated to make them since we are such a fan. I think next year someone else will pick up this cookie 😉


The tree is finally up and I’m done wrapping up presents. To be honest, I wasn’t really feeling Christmas this year, so I decided to read A Christmas Carol off the Gutenberg Project and it definitely helped. No bah humbug here.

Merry Christmas to all celebrating and wishing everyone the best of the season.

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Christmas time is (almost) here

Finished exams, two more papers, let’s go.

Mini cupcakes from Prairie Girl Bakery: eggnog on vanilla and Irish cream on chocolate. Treat yo’ self, right?



Victorian carollers in St. James Park.


I finally went inside the Allan Gardens Conservatory at Jarvis. What a lovely surprise in the middle of the city. It was warm and humid, and just smelled wonderful. The hours of operation are 10-5, but it is open on weekends.

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