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life in food

Sometimes life feels like this.


I was so excited to try the new quinoa I got from Costco—got to love my mom’s membership—and I was equally excited to have it for breakfast. I must have gotten distracted though. Luckily, the burned bits were surprisingly easy to scrub off, and the quinoa was fine, just crunchy.

Life can look pretty good too, like this roasted sausage, fennel, and peppers dish I made, from a recipe Michael Smith’s Fast Flavours. I wish life were this easy sometimes.  Alrighty, this life analogy is on its last legs now.

Sausage and fennel

I love fennel, amd this was my first time buying and making it. I saved the fronds, which smelled divine, in the freezer to put in a vegetable stock at some point. They may also just hang around the freezer until I have to throw it out. Don’t waste food, Bea!


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New Year Soy Sauce Chicken

Happy new year! Oh dear, I am entering the “weird zone” of when it’s OK to wish someone a happy new year, whoops. I had a lovely new year’s eve with a good friend, friends of friends, as well my brother and sister — I think this the first time the three of us have been “out on the town”. We saw Sheezer, an all-lady Weezer cover band, as well as a bunch of other bands and musicians. It was a good night, indeed.

This week my mom taught me how to make Chinese soy sauce chicken, which has been a family recipe for three to four generations. It turns out it is really easy to make. Now I hope to share it with you too!

Soy Sauce Chicken


1 whole chicken


1 tbsp cooking wine

2 tbsp soy sauce

Sauce/Braising Liquid

2 tbsp medium soy sauce

4 tbsp dark soy sauce

60 g of brown sugar (~ 1/3 cup, packed)

3 spring onions, chopped into thirds

3 slices of ginger (~ 15 g)


My mom and I actually used Chinese “layered sugar” which is essentially a pressed slab of brown sugar; regular brown sugar will be fine.



Butterfly the chicken by cutting out the back rib.

Marinate the chicken in the wine and soy sauce for about half an hour. The idea is just to get some colour on it.


In a large non-stick sauce pan, add the soy sauce, sugar, spring onions, ginger, and the chicken. Cover and bring to a boil. Lower heat and reduce to a simmer. Cook covered.


After about ten minutes, flip the chicken over and cover again. Spoon sauce over chicken occasionally.

After about another ten minutes, turn the chicken over again, and cook for about ten more minutes until the chicken is done (total cooking time is approximately 30 minutes). You can test whether the chicken is cooked by cutting where the thigh meets the body and seeing if the juices run clear.

Serve the chicken with all the sauce on a large plate.


Makes delicious, moist, sweet and savoury chicken.

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