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Belated Gung Hay Fat Choy

As I mentioned earlier, the first day of Chinese New Year was last Sunday.

My mom made us breakfast with all the “go” she had made the week before. “Go” has the texture of pudding. She made a variety of go, which I really need to learn how to make soon: savoury (turnip, taro) and sweet (coconut, water chestnut and red bean). What a spread! I felt so lucky.

BreakfastLater on in the day we went to my aunt’s house for other goodies and to wish everyone a happy new year. My cousins dropped by with their families. There were so many babies, toddlers and kids. Our family gatherings are certainly growing.

For dinner we went to the restaurant we always go to for Chinese New Year because they bring in people to do a dragon dance. The children loved it. It seems very hard to do the dragon dance because the dancers are either supporting the head or the fabric that flows from the head that acts as the body of the “dragon”.

Feb 17-001

Feb 17-002

Feb 17-003


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chicken of the sea

On one of my busy days I got some sushi from a nearby surprisingly good take-out sushi place. This was a brown rice avocado and salmon roll. It was so delicious and they were really generous with the fish.


But luckily, I finally had the chance to make something in the kitchen again.

I had some ground chicken hanging around my freezer for way too long–I just had no idea what to do with it. I read about meatloaf muffins which used ground beef in my now go-to recipe book, Fast Flavours, and I decided to use my ground chicken instead. After browsing some other “chicken meatloaf muffin” recipes online, I chose the ingredients I liked in the different recipes and then really tried cooking “without a recipe” and without (too much) measuring. What an interesting change!


These chicken meatloaf muffins ended up including oats, one egg, two finely diced celery stocks, half a shredded carrot, a little Sriracha, a good tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, and salt and pepper. I baked them for about half an hour. They tasted pretty good and I was quite happy with myself.


I also finally opened the immersion blender I got for Christmas. I made my first smoothie out of frozen blueberries, yogurt, oats and half a banana. Yum!



This weekend is Chinese New Year, so I’m back home. Tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve, and my immediate family and I will have our “reunion” dinner. On Chinese New Year’s Day (Sunday), I have a fam jam with my extended family. It’s always a good time and I can’t wait.

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