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Toronto Eats: Food Cabbie

Toronto’s street food scene is known to be lacking. We have a lot of hot dogs, which do hit the spot when necessary, but we are missing variety. Over the last couple years though there has been a lot of street food events, but I’ve missed the ones this year because of school. That’s why I was so excited to try Food Cabbie this week, especially since I live quite near it, but it’s closed by the time I get home.

My neighbourhood is interesting and I definitely see the “street ballet” Jane Jacobs wrote about when I do get a chance to stay home and see the neighbourhood during the day. You have the George Brown students and a lot of the workers in the nearby offices. Restaurants that are either closed or empty during the weekends are filled with people during lunch hour.

Food Cabbie has a great social media presence and they post their specials every day. This day I decided to go old school and went without checking before. The day’s special was Baja fish tacos–score!!! Food Cabbie also have regularly Chicago-style hot dogs, burgers, grilled cheese and the like.

I got the tacos. Chunks of grilled fish, crunchy and creamy coleslaw on tortilla, and a squeeze of lime. Delicious.

Food Cabbie is located at Queen St. E. and Dalhousie, between Church and Jarvis. It might be found on the edge of a parking lot, but don’t let that deter you!


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kitchen frenzy

I’ve spent the last few days making up for chores my sister was kind enough to let me slack off on during exams. I’ve also been walking tons, because I didn’t get a metropass this month. Lastly, I baked and cooked!

First, here’s a quick breakfast I put together after a Jillian Michael’s workout vid, Extreme Buns and Thighs, ha ha. It was my first time doing this one, and she was cracking so many jokes I was laughing and sweating. Anyway, my refreshing breakfast mix: cottage cheese, grapes, last bits of granola and a little piece of cake!

And here is the whole cake: honey whole wheat loaf from Joy the Baker’s cookbook

I also made oatmeal walnut sandwich cookies with a peanut butter filling, another Joy the Baker recipe. This is actually the first time I’ve made sandwich cookies. It’s not that it’s particularly hard to spread filling between two cookies, but I just never bother. These looked so good that I had to make them. For some reason they did not spread out as much, but they are just as delicious. Just kinda funny lookin’ πŸ™‚

And because one cannot survive on baked goods alone, I defrosted some chicken breast I bought a while back and made chicken and a red wine sauce with tomato, mushroom, onion plus Worcestershire sauce, mustard, thyme and chili powder. The red wine was, umm, old (I won’t say how old right now), but my sister told me to use it up. For next time, I’ll use less chili powder than the recipe called for because it is quite spicy. Maybe tasting the sauce before I spice is good πŸ˜‰

Plated with kale and brown rice

One thing I want to learn is to stop cooking from a recipe, as Michael Smith says. Maybe that’s why I like baking, because you are supposed to follow the recipe. Hope I can find my cooking intuition during the summer and obtain a pantry like Michael Smith.


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Review: Country Style Hungarian Restaurant – Schnitzel!

Last night I went with my sister and her boyfriend to try Country Style, a Hungarian restaurant that is famous for its schnitzel. My first dinner outing in who knows how long! It is located in the Annex at Bloor near Brunswick. I must have walked by this place at least twenty times, but I have never even noticed it (then again, I’m known to being oblivious to some things). After NOW magazine put it as one of the top places for casual dining, my sister wanted to go and I definitely was into some good comfort food.

But why not the schnitzel? For some reason I’ve had some bad experiences with schnitzel. To me, it’s always cold and dry. My first good schnitzel was at the Distillery Christmas Market this past year. It was hot, crunchy and great way to keep warm.

Last night’s schnitzel has also showed me how delicious schnitzel can be. We got the Country Style platter for two. It would be generous for four too, but the three of us managed to demolish it. The platter comes with the traditional schnitzel, Parisian schnitzel, sausage, pickled beets, potatoes, rice and cabbage rolls. Did I get everything?

The traditional schnitzel (lowest layer) was my favourite. The meat was about a quarter inch thick which was a good proportion between meat and crispy breading. However, when we split up the platter into three, one of us ended up with just breading and no meat. The Parisian schnitzel is meat dipped in batter which just has egg and flour, and no breading, so it is less crispy. The sausage taste like pepperoni and was sliced so it would spread out when cooked. It reminded me of making “spiders” out of hot dogs over a campfire.

The cabbage rolls were also very generous. The cabbage rolls I’ve had contain mostly rice, but this was essentially meat loaf wrapped in cabbage covered in tomato sauce and sour cream. For dessert we split an apple strudel. The pastry was flaky and crispy.

The service was friendly. The red and white checkered table cloths were a nice touch. It’s definitely a great family restaurant. One improvement is for there to be fresher bread–we think the bread was the Bavarian bread that comes pre-sliced.

Country Style Hungarian Restaurant, 450 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Just as we stepped out onto Bloor Street, I bumped into some of my friends from school on their way to Pour Boy, one of my favourite bars. I was impulsive for once and joined them. Pour Boy has a relaxed atmosphere and affordable food and drinks. I love summer and freedom.

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readings? what readings?

My exams are done! I’ve been looking forward to start blogging after getting into so many different kinds of blogs over the last couple of years. I was hoping to kick off my blog with one of the various recipes I’ve collected but had been too busy to try because of school. Unfortunately, I was so tired last night that I pretty much went straight to bed after some chamomile tea. I was also stuffed from a burger and fries and a Magners from the Duke of York for a celebratory lunch with my classmates. Now that was super satisfying.

List of things I want to make:
– Pretty much a lot of Joy the Baker/Joy the Baker cookbook recipes
– Michael Smith’s coconut breaded chicken breast
– Anna Olson’s recipes featured in Food Network Canada’s Baking Club Challenge
– Various things I’ve pinned

Hope I can get to these after lounging around a bit πŸ˜‰


Breakfast that got me through exams: 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup milk, 1/3 cup water and frozen mixed berries stirred in mid-way + granola/almond butter on top. I bought frozen berries for the first time last week and they’re delicious! I don’t have a blender so there was never Β much point in me buying berries. However oatmeal + berries = delicious.

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