’twas the night before Christmas

My life post papers has basically been sleeping and baking — and eating too, ha ha.

Between my sister, mom and I, we made eight kind of cookies. I think that might be a record for us.

Flourless chocolate coconut drops from Everyday Food/Shutterbean. Oh, man, chocolate explosion.


Anna Olson’s Orange Toffee Slices. This was a  new recipe, and they were so delicious!


Snickerdoodles, a recent tradition for me.


My mom made her classic almond crescents.


Almond florentines.


Gingerbread cookies


My sister made her cranberry almond shortbread cookies. It has almond extract so it’s extra glam!


My family loves these Kahlua balls my sister has made for the last several years. This year we learned my sister doesn’t actually like them, since they are, admittedly, very sweet, but she felt obligated to make them since we are such a fan. I think next year someone else will pick up this cookie 😉


The tree is finally up and I’m done wrapping up presents. To be honest, I wasn’t really feeling Christmas this year, so I decided to read A Christmas Carol off the Gutenberg Project and it definitely helped. No bah humbug here.

Merry Christmas to all celebrating and wishing everyone the best of the season.


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One response to “’twas the night before Christmas

  1. Thanks for sharing all those cookie recipes! Those orange toffee slices look really good – I’m going to bookmark that recipe for next Christmas.

    PS. Yes that gingerbread cake was from Food & Drink. You need to make it – the icing was to die for!!!

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