in like a/out like a

Whoosh, March went by quickly.

There were a few green smoothies.


And maple olive oil banana bread made with Greek yogurt.



And school.

My parents came over last night for Easter dinner since the kitchen is undergoing renovations. My sister roasted us a leg of lamb, which was delish! I unfortunately did not contribute to this dinner since I’ve been busy with year-end stuff, like usual. I did help with clean up though. Secret: I’ve discovered the magic of the dishwasher. Apparently it can be just as water-efficient as dish washing by hand depending on how full you load the dishwasher. I still love getting through a sink of dishes though.

I had a sunny Easter morning with a hot cross bun my parents gave us. I used to dislike hot cross buns when I was younger, but this was lovely. It didn’t have those weird red or green “cherries”, though there were still some raisins and some dried peel as well as a good nutmeg kick. Still, I think hot crossed buns are an acquired taste.


I hope April isn’t too rainy.


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2 responses to “in like a/out like a

  1. Amy

    I’d love to try the maple olive oil banana bread. Thanks!

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