life in food

Sometimes life feels like this.


I was so excited to try the new quinoa I got from Costco—got to love my mom’s membership—and I was equally excited to have it for breakfast. I must have gotten distracted though. Luckily, the burned bits were surprisingly easy to scrub off, and the quinoa was fine, just crunchy.

Life can look pretty good too, like this roasted sausage, fennel, and peppers dish I made, from a recipe Michael Smith’s Fast Flavours. I wish life were this easy sometimes.  Alrighty, this life analogy is on its last legs now.

Sausage and fennel

I love fennel, amd this was my first time buying and making it. I saved the fronds, which smelled divine, in the freezer to put in a vegetable stock at some point. They may also just hang around the freezer until I have to throw it out. Don’t waste food, Bea!

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  1. Love your analogy of life and cooking! Is there a recipe for life? I wonder. 🙂

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