Two hours of class until Thanksgiving! Ever since starting university, Thanksgiving has become one of my favourite holidays, because it’s a time for family and fall.  This year I haven’t been home since starting school, so I am looking forward to Thanksgiving even more. Weirdly enough, I am looking forward to the cold leftover turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce. Yum.

Here are a few things from my kitchen:

Oatmeal with banana, cottage cheese and a tablespoon of cocoa.

I am aware this does not look appetizing, but it was chocolatey and delicious. The added bonus was the iron in the cocoa. You see, at the end of summer, I went to my doctor for my annual physical and got my blood work done. My doctor called me a week later and told me I was low in iron. I realized that over the last year, I ate less red meat, although not intentionally, which might have explained my iron levels. I am now taking iron supplements, but I will also take my iron wherever I can get it, including kale and chocolate 😉 In all seriousness though, if you have ideas on getting more iron in a diet, let me know.

Over the weekend I made some cottage cheese pancakes from Shutterbean. Oh my gosh, these were so good, fluffy and just slightly sweet. I have a bunch of pancakes in my freezer now, ready to be eaten on a busy morning: never let solo living stop you from making pancakes. I had the pancakes with of gala apples, which I have been digging lately. Usually I get Macintosh because they are usually less expensive, but it is fun to change it up. Galas are so sweet and crispy.

Finally, I broiled salmon fillet with molasses and grainy mustard glaze for about 15-20 minutes — hello, smoky, sweet and slightly spicy flavours. The recipe was from Michael Smith’s Fast Flavours. It was yet another successful and simple recipe.


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3 responses to “countdowns

  1. The salmon looks so delicious. I must try that–what a clever use of molasses!

  2. onehealthymunchkin

    That salmon looks so good – and molasses actually has iron in it! 😀 Also edamame and quinoa are good sources too.

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