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Fall is officially here: time to eat oatmeal with diced apple, my first apples of the season!

And time to make a pot of spicy lentils with kale and sweet potato, from this recipe. After an unpleasant experience with jalapeno peppers when I was about ten, I have a slight fear of handling peppers, so instead of seranno pepper, I sprinkled on some red pepper flakes.  Cooking bucket list item?

I stopped by Word on the Street for a couple of hours on a rainy Sunday fall afternoon.  I enjoyed seeing the different publishers and magazines all around Queen’s Park Circle.

I must admit I was mostly there to see Food Network celebrity chef Michael Smith speak about cookbooks. He was pretty honest about his status in the book world, when he acknowledged that he was following a talk by John Ralston Saul and preceding one by David Suzuki and Jeff Rubin. He made, however, a very passionate case about the food we eat and where it comes from.

After the talk, I picked up his new cookbook, Fast Flavours. I met him briefly when I got the book signed — indeed, he is very tall!

Tonight I made a recipe from Fast Flavours: apple chicken with rosemary vanilla chutney.  Well, I didn’t have dried rosemary so I used thyme; I guess that would make it thyme vanilla chutney. I also felt like adding cinnamon to go with the apples and so I did, in true Michael Smith fashion. The key to the “fast flavours” was browning the chicken before cooking it covered to speed up the cooking time. It was quite a pleasant fall dinner.

There are a lot more recipes from Fast Flavours I hope to try. They actually seem approachable both in terms of ingredients and the time required.

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