It’s funny that it took a game of evening lawn bowling to make me comfortable with fall approaching, since lawn bowling is more of a summer sport. The brisk air made me think of pumpkin pie. Lawn bowling was such a great break from school.

West Toronto Lawn Bowling Club

Dreamy mural at Keele subway station, near the lawn bowling club.

Last week I made a batch of ratatouille following Michael Smith’s recipe, which called to saute the veggies including the zucchini and eggplant separately first to develop their flavours, instead of throwing everything into a pot. It took a bit more effort, but it was worth it. One evening, I had the ratatouille with brown rice and a fried egg.

Weekend breakfast of scrambled tofu with onion and a couple of tomatoes that my sister lovingly grew on our balcony (and I lovingly ate) + basil/parsley also from the balcony garden + tortilla.

On Friday I stopped by Gourmet Gringos, a Latin American street food truck, to get some chicken tacos. The food truck was parked in Corktown Gas — yup, a gas station. It was also raining when I went, but that didn’t stop people from lining up. It was quite funny watching people put down their umbrellas to add hot sauce to their food and then scramble away to eat their lunch. I did exactly the same 🙂

There was a generous portion of braised chicken, which was moist and flavourful. The cilantro added brightness to the dish. I didn’t like the mayo sauce as much, but that may have been just personal preference.

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  1. Scrambled tofu is the best breakfast!! The balcony-grown tomatoes and herb look scrumptious. Lawn bowling eh…is that what lawyers do? (Just kidding.)

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