Toronto Eats: Whatta jerk! (Mr. Jerk)

After finishing my summer job, I spent a couple days trying out some of the restaurants that had been on my Toronto “bucket list” since last year. As some background, Mexican and Caribbean are two  cuisines that I like, but know little about. What I’ve tried though, I’ve loved. After seeing Mr. Jerk on a few top 10 lists for jerk chicken in Toronto, I knew that would be a good place to broaden my repertoire.

Mr. Jerk is a small unassuming place on Sherbourne and Wellesley. It is easy to miss or to brush off. It seems to cater to locals in the neighbourhood and definitely the take-out crowd as there are only about five seats inside.

The jerk chicken was kept hot in an oven by the window. There was also a selection of Caribbean dishes such as curry oxtail and dumplings kept warm and ready to be scooped up. There was definitely not just jerk chicken and pork for sure, and I hope to go back to try goat or the salted fish. However, this time, I went with the quarter jerk chicken dinner which came with rice and peas, gravy and coleslaw, for just a bit over $7. The server was very friendly asking if I wanted more gravy or a bag to go with my takeout.

I liked this jerk chicken for its subtle flavor and spice combination. It was not too spicy at all. I would have preferred a bit more kick, but I respect the control. Also, the chicken was incredibly moist, and the jerk formed a slightly sticky crust on top of the chicken. The portion was generous. The rice and peas and the coleslaw were standard, but tasty. Indeed, the jerk chicken at Mr. Jerk is well worth trying.

Mr. Jerk is located at 209 Wellesley Street East  Toronto, just east of Sherbourne Street.

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