Montréal: La Musique

Over the long weekend my family and I took a roadtrip to Montreal. My sister and I went mainly for the Osheaga, a music festival, but we still got in some good family time (and my parents enjoyed exploring Montreal on their own too). It was both a food- and music-filled experience.

I will have to write about the food in a separate post, but here’s a snap of a homemade snickerdoodle for the ride.

This was my first outdoor musical festival and I loved it. Seeing so many awesome bands in such a short time period was fantastic. There were so many people everywhere: watching the bands, lining up for food, taking the Metro back and even just going from the different stages. Apparently there were 120,000 of us over three days.

Day 1: Of Monsters and Men, Dum Dum Girls, Atlas Sound, Florence and the Machine, Sigur Ros and the end of MGMT.

There was a massive crowd for Of Monsters and Men. I didn’t know them well before, but this was one of my favourite shows and a perfect way to start the weekend. I am definitely going to listen to more of them.

Atlas Sound is an interesting man.


A very zoomed in Florence – unfortunately we were stuck in the middle, but Florence put on a lovely show and got the whole crowd involved. She also leapt around the perimeter at one point!

Day 2: Young Galaxy, Arkells, Garbage, Feist and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Young Galaxy was dreamy.


The recent Arkells album grew on me this past year. Unfortunately I misread the stage for them and I missed the first fifteen minutes. They were so energetic that it didn’t seem to matter as much, luckily.


I never thought I’d see Garbage live. She had tons of attitude.

Feist is a cool woman.

Somebody passed up a palm tree “offering” through the audience.

The legends, The Jesus and Mary Chain, still rocked it. I feel the need to go through their discography now.

Day 3: Zeus, Dan Mangan, Aloe Blacc, Passion Pit, Austra, James Vincent McMorrow, The Shins, Bloc Party

It was a very rainy day so I didn’t take many pictures. I was definitely looking forward to see Dan Mangan. It was pouring during his show, but I don’t think the crowd minded.


The rain cleared up later on and it was actually very hot when we watched Austra. We were in the first row!


The Shins were one of my favourite parts of Osheaga. To be honest, I don’t know many of their songs, but the ones I do know are so comforting.


As much fun as I had, unless there is a can’t-be-missed lineup, I probably don’t need to go to Osheaga for a while. It was quite exhausting and kinda messy!

That trash isn’t ours either — one of the disappointing parts of Osheaga was how willing people were to litter. The ground at the end of each night was a sea of plastic cups.


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