Betty’s & Blueberries

Betty’s is a chill local bar that is particularly popular with George Brown students. Somehow I have never been there at night, but I hope to get there before summer ends so I can enjoy the patio. Then again, if I go at night I won’t get to see the patio in all its glory in the sunlight.

Love the King Street East sign on the wall.

My sister, a couple of her friends and I went to Betty’s over the weekend for brunch/breakfast. What an awesome breakfast menu. I wanted to try everything: hello, breakfast poutine?

I decided to go for the hash with a generous helping of greens. The hash was on the salty side, but the combination of potatoes, onion and corned beef was scrumptious!

Over the weekend I made lentils for the first time with some carrots and peppers from the St. Lawerence Market and some parsley from the balcony garden. Not bad, but I needed to work on the flavouring.

I also did some baking. I know it’s hot out so turning on the oven is usually a no-go, but these blueberries were screaming to be baked into some whole wheat banana berry muffins. I tried out a Moosewood Restaurant recipe and I was totally impressed. The recipe called for four bananas, two tablespoons of honey and no other additional sugar!  The muffins used all whole wheat flour, but they weren’t tough at all. I think the natural yogurt lightened them up. Definitely need to make these again.

Betty’s is located at 240 King Street East, Toronto.

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  1. Everything about Betty’s looks excellent! Strange that I’d never even heard of it. I blame it on BlogTO for generally only writing about the west end 😛 Your lentil dish sounds really nice for summer, especially with the fresh herbs!

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