One Lovely Blog Award

A few weeks ago, Ruth at bluebalu nominated me for a One Lovely Blog award. I am now writing a very belated thank you! Ruth is an expat working in Hong Kong who writes a blog about living there. With entries about various subjects, from food to people to weather, bluebalu is a wonderful blog to read as she notices many things locals would not. After Ruth stopped by my blog, she inadvertently introduced me to other HK bloggers. I am reading her blog still so I can live vicariously through her.

Thanks Ruth for this award even though I was no longer qualified to be nominated with your Hong Kong-themed awards since I was back in Canada.

I’ve learned that there are a few things to do when one receives this award:

  1. Honour the person who awarded you.
  2. Nominate 15 other blogs for this award.
  3. Tell readers 7 things about yourself.

I’d like to nominate some blogs that I simply enjoy reading, but I don’t think I can get up to 15.

Bake + Bike – Sarah is currently working in Ottawa and posts beautiful pictures of her bike rides in the area.

One Healthy Munchkin – Chelsea writes a very relatable healthy living blog. I really   enjoy her entries related to her nutrition studies as well as her recipes and restaurant reviews.

Adventures in Heritage – Kayla’s writes about being a heritage professional. There are many interesting entries about heritage in Southern Ontario.

Just Live It! – I love reading Nicole’s blog for a mix of everything: food, style, fitness, life and most of all her positive attitude.

Opalla on Trails – I like Opalla’s blog especially for the pictures she takes on her power walking routes and on the trails. I think anybody at any age can take a note from her about “aging gracefully.”

So since I nominated five blogs, here are 3 things about me (instead of 2.3).

1. I share the same birthday as my older sister. I’m surprised she wasn’t more annoyed that she had to split her birthday with her younger sister.

2. I commuted an hour each way on the train for six years for high school. Lots of people watching opportunities, but more like sleeping opportunities.

3. I don’t mind large creepy crawlies like spiders and those centipede-like ones, but I get very nervous around ants.

Thanks again Ruth for the award! I am so flattered you thought of me.

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  1. Thanks Bea – especially for sharing your favourite blogs! Going Dutch sounds very interesting and I love that Opalla started blogging about walking and food in her 60s. Very impressive!

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