Just Pipes

I had a lovely weekend back home. I am happy to say that I now have a Presto card for the GO train. This may be old hat for any readers abroad, but it is exciting to be able to tap in and tap out using the card to ride the train. There’s no need to scramble for a ten-ride pass anymore. Of course, the key is tapping out. Unlike the Hong Kong system where there are barriers to enter and exit, the GO train uses a proof of payment system. Thus, it is easy to forget to tap out here, ahem… I can’t wait until Presto is compatible with more TTC subway stations.

My sister and I stopped by a Zellers to pick up some sundries and were surprised by a liquidation sale. Target bought out Zellers and I suppose now is the transition time. The sales were not all ridiculously cheap yet, but the selection was still good. Even though I’ve heard great things about Target, I am not sure about another big box store replacing another.

The main reason I went home was because our family had Brott Music Festival tickets to a “Just Pipes” concert with high tea in a local church. Music + tea is always a nice combo 🙂 Since this was a “just pipes” concert, the whole concert consisted of an organ (Jan Overduin) and recorder (Matthew Jones). Wow, I did not know that the recorder could play such an expansive repertoire! The first half of the concert took place in the church where there was the organ. The duo played pieces from the Baroque period.

During the intermission, we went to another room in the church for tea. What a spread.

Clotted cream, of course 😉

In the second part of the concert, Matthew Jones continued playing the recorder including a soprano and baritone recorder. Overduin accompanied him. Jones even played two recorder at the same time at one point! He was a very animated musician and discussed the pieces he played.

A very interesting concert, indeed.

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