Beets and Eats

Even though I was in Toronto for over a week, it didn’t feel that I actually lived here since I was commuting to Markham for work. I decided to change that this weekend.

Friday night I met with a friend from high school. We were going to see a Fringe Festival play, but we didn’t line up early enough for at-the-door tickets. WHOOPS. Unfortunately the Fringe Festival wrapped up this weekend, but there is always next year.

It worked out nicely though because we walked around the Annex neighbourhood and our old high school haunts. We caught up over frozen yogurt at Yogurty’s, one of the many froyo places in the Annex. I had actually never tried frozen yogurt with toppings before. I am now a fan!

I got the Greek-style froyo which was tangy. At first I tried to be strategic with toppings that should go together, but I just started to put whatever I fancied on: Almond Roca crumbles, granola, sour gummy worms, nerds, cookies’n’cream crumbles and lychee boba. This “combination” was yummy! I was worried about getting too many toppings and having to pay a lot, but it was fine.

On Saturday morning I went to the St. Lawrence Market for the first time this summer. I liked going here during the school year when I could afford the time “off.” I love the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings. Mmm, so many veggies.

I got back home and fixed myself brunch: spinach and tomato from the market and egg and toast from before.

Sunday night my sister and I had the beets I bought with the green still on!

I roasted the beets in olive oil and pepper. They were so sweet. This was my most successful roast beets so far. I always read that roasting beets were “foolproof” and that the skins would rub right off afterward, but that never happened to me – I did feel like quite the fool. Maybe it was because I was roasting old beets or maybe I was just inept. This bunch was just lovely.

I sautéed the beet greens and they were on the bitter side. My sister suggested adding lemon and garlic.

+ ham that was kicking around in our freezer and some pineapple.

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  1. Sounds like you are back with your foray of food-tasting…Yum!

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