Three Women Make a Market!

I finished work yesterday. Apologies for the cliché, but the last two months have gone by so quickly. My last few summer jobs were more project-based where I would focus heavily on one or two assignments. Here, I worked on multiple files wherever needed. Sometimes it felt that I didn’t understand the bigger picture, but after a couple of weeks as well as asking, I understood the background of the file better. I also learned more about multi-tasking and organizing my day on the job. I appreciate equally both styles of jobs.

I’m flying back to Canada in less than a week so I have about half a week down time. While I was hoping to do some traveling, I decided to soak up more of the city. It turned out yesterday I had some self-diagnosed minor food poisoning, so maybe it all worked out in the end.

Last week I did go on a couple of day trips around the city and went to some restaurants which I’m looking forward to blogging about. To be honest though, instead of writing about my trips, I was finishing up books my uncle lent me, as well as madly “chasing” a Cantonese soap opera on DVD that my aunt and uncle also lent me.

The soap was called “Only You.” It was about a wedding planning company and their personal hijinks. It was often cheesy, but it was a great way to learn Cantonese. It was also interesting to learn about traditional Chinese weddings, and how the younger generation viewed these traditions as opposed to the more Western-style wedding.

After watching this show, I feel that if I were to ever get married (!), I’d like to include some of these traditions like serving tea to parents/parents-in-law or having a hair brushing ceremony the night before. Of course, I’m often influenced by these Chinese soaps. About fifteen years ago I wanted to be a forensic scientist after watching a soap about a forensic scientist in ancient China 😉

In terms of shows currently on air, I enjoy watching “lifestyle shows,” including “Three Women, One Market!” (direct Cantonese translation). The better translation is “three women make a market!” as the proverb goes, but I had to ask someone to figure that out. The English title is “Lipstick Circle.” There were three female talk show hosts who interviewed a different panel of people each episode about various topics like “tomboys” or breast size. It was a very silly but hilarious show, and at least it helped me learn about contemporary HK perspectives.

Wacky fashions abound!

Actually, the woman in the middle was on “Only You.” HK stars hop around soaps and talk shows a lot.

I also enjoy watching shows on food. I liked one where the host traveled to countries around the world to try as well as discuss the coffee. This host is also on a soap on air right now about a magician.

Lately I’ve been watching one called “Master So Food” in which they try various restaurants in HK. Master So is quite informative. I feel that I’m in the circa 90s pre internet when I’m scribbling down the names/recipes, but I am also actually trying to write down the names of the food in Chinese characters based on the Chinese subtitles! That way when I go to cha chaan tengs I am not so completely lost.

Master So is in the middle. The young host on the left is from the States, but he speaks Cantonese. In my head I call him “Marco” because that was the name of his character on “Only You.” Even I can tell that he has an accent, but he speaks quite fluidly and with confidence. I should definitely take note.

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