All aboard!

The other night last week I met with a friend from my undergrad program. I learned that he was in Hong Kong in quite an interesting manner. No, not Facebook — I was on a tram when I saw him on the top floor of another tram coming the opposite direction! At least I thought it was him, but I wasn’t exactly sure and I didn’t want to call out to a potentially random stranger in front of other strangers. The facts checked out, but we’ll never know if I really did see him.

I actually bumped into another Waterloo classmate here in HK recently. This time we were walking in opposite directions on Queen’s Road Central, the main thoroughfare of Central. Of all the people in Hong Kong I managed to spot two Waterloo alums.

For dinner we went to Paisano’s Pizzeria on Hollywood Road. It was the first time I had ordered Western food in Hong Kong. The pizza was larger than my head and pretty greasy, but it really hit my craving for Western food.

We then went on the Star Ferry to a mall called Harbour City so he could pick up an umbrella. I couldn’t remember if I had been on the Star Ferry before. It’s very popular for tourists to do at least once in Hong Kong. I didn’t know how I missed it, but maybe I brushed it off as touristy. However, it was actually a wonderful way to travel. There was a breeze from the ferry, a beautiful view of the harbour and it was cheaper than taking the subway! By HK $2 (i.e around 30 cents CDN)…

View from Star Ferry of the Hong Kong Island skyline

View from Star Ferry of Kowloon side, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Some views of the harbour while on land. A bit less shaky!

Hong Kong Island


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