Trains, planes and automobiles…

… or none of the above.

Although the distance to work is walkable, in the mornings I take the bus to work. Normally, I take a bus that is familiar to those in North America. Many buses here are double-decker buses, but some just have one level.

Sometimes, however, a mini-bus comes around and I’ll take that instead. Don’t let the name or size fool you–it’s a bumpy ride! I am so tempted to put on the seatbelt, but I’m afraid I’d give myself away as a foreigner. Minibuses can be convenient because you can request stops anywhere along the route.

I’ve also taken the tram a couple of times here. Woohoo light rail 🙂 I’m so entertained by the trams because they are so narrow. They remind me of the Knight Bus from Harry Potter. The trams run on Des Voeux Road. In Cantonese, the street that the trams run on  translates literally to Electric Car Road.

You should also be able to see a beige heritage building in the background of this picture taken in Wan Chai. Of note are the wide balconies as well as the arch covering the sidewalks–perfect for rainy days.

A shot of the subway.

The Octopus card is a great aspect of Hong Kong. All you have to do is put money on your card and swipe it on the card scanner, which then deducts money from your card. On the subway, you have to swipe out and you pay for the distance travelled.

You can use your card on all the different forms of public transportation which are owned by different companies, something I’m not used to back in Ontario. I used my Octopus card on the tram as well as the ferry when I went to Lamma Island. In addition, many convenience stores like 7/11 and even some restaurants have Octopus card scanners. It makes me wonder why we couldn’t have implemented the Presto card system earlier in Ontario.

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