“The Hills”

In case you are wondering what happened after my adventurous walk home my first week here, I’m happy to say that I have been consistently walking home a few times a week, depending on the rain and my darn three-week cough. Although lately I’ve been branching out and wandering my way home through the park and curvy streets–Waterloo has nothing on HK, I have my regular route home down pat.

I first go through the Battery Path, which is a lovely stroll through what little is preserved of historical Hong Kong.

The Court of Final Appeal/Former French Mission Building

St. John’s Cathedral

After that, I continue to go up! I take a set of staircases right by the tram tracks.

Storm water management, je pense.

There’s one more set of stairs, then it’s home 🙂 The walk back is a workout. It is probably easier going downhill to work in the morning, but I’d rather be sweaty arriving home than sweaty all day at work 😛 I also find it easier going uphill in heels. Unfortunately any shoe lover would kill me for the state of my shoes. I’m a little annoyed at myself too 😦 Maybe I should bring a change of shoes?

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  1. Opalla

    Great hill training, Bea! I would bring a change of shoes.

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