… If you got buns, hon’

You know it’s going to be a classy post when you quote Sir Mix-a-Lot 😉 Of course I mean the other kind of buns. Over the last month and a half, I have usually eaten toast or oatmeal (normally overnight oats) for breakfast. The other week I indulged in some baked goods for breakfast. HK breakfast research, right?

I got these from Maxim’s, a Hong Kong Western-style chain bakery. The buns in HK bakeries tend to be soft and slightly sweet. Sometimes I like to wander in and just admire all the yummy looking breads.This time though I actually bought a few. I am hoping my treks home will help my other gluts.

Corn, cheese and artificial crab on a bun for lunch. This was my “experimental” bun. Maxim’s and other Western-style bakeries had buns with hot dogs or tuna, but I wasn’t comfortable getting ones with meat.  This bun was an interesting combination. You can’t go wrong with cheese and the corn was sweet.

Cocktail bun filled with a butter, sugar and coconut filling. I am not really sure why this is called a cocktail bun. In Cantonese, the bun’s name literally translates to a cocktail (chicken tail) bun. Tasty, but needed coffee or tea to wash it down.

This is not a bun, but a chicken pie, which is also sometimes eaten for breakfast. It used to be a favourite of mine growing up. The pastry is slightly sweet and it is filled with chicken and sometimes mushrooms.

Another bo lo bau (“pineapple bun”) with kidney mangos on the side. So leetle 🙂  My grandmother told me that in Australia, the Chinese bakeries don’t call these “pineapple buns” because some customers think it’s misleading. Maxim’s called this “sweet topping bun.”

After a week of this, I felt that all the sugar got to me and I was ready for whole grains again. These buns are a great occasional treat.

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  1. carol

    y’know, I’ve never made the connection between cocktail buns and the literal “chicken tail” translation. I was always so confused as to why there was no chicken in those buns…

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