Trip to the Island

On Saturday I went to Lamma Island, one of the small islands southwest of Hong Kong Island, with my mom’s cousin and his wife. People often go to Lamma Island to enjoy nature. For example, no automobiles are allowed on the island. We were lucky to have fantastic weather. It was quite hot, but the sun and clear sky made up for it.

My morning started off with “Bea-style” French toast (as opposed to deep-fried HK-style): Pumpkin raisin bread dipped in egg and milk and fried.

Before we left, we had wonton noodles at Mak Siu Kee Traditional Wonton Noodle in the Tin Hau area. The Mak family is famous for their style of wonton noodles. Then one year some of the sons had a fight. There are now different “lines” of Mak noodles. Last weekend I went to Mak On Kee in Kowloon. The main branch of Mak On Kee is in Central.

The noodles at Mak Siu Kee had a distinct bite to them.The shrimp wonton burst with juice with every bite. The wontons were smaller than average, but this made me appreciate each individual shrimp and wonton more. The broth was very hearty and comforting.

We also had “joong,” sticky rice shaped in a triangle with various filling inside, including salted egg yolk and pork, wrapped in a bamboo leaf. The restaurant served it without the leaf. I ate some joong with soy sauce and a little sugar sprinkled on top as people traditionally do.

I can’t wait to eat more joong in the next couple weeks to come around Tuen Ng Jit, the Dragon Boat Festival. Joong can be savoury or sweet. They can be eaten all year round, but they are most prevalent during this time of year.

After lunch, we made our way to take the ferry to Lamma Island. The breeze off the ferry’s deck was nature’s air conditioning.

Interesting view between Kowloon on the left and Hong Kong Island on the right.

Lamma Island was sublime. It was wonderful to get away from the city. We took a two hour hike (including time for photos) from one side of the island to the other.

Seafood restaurants near the ferry dock.

Les bananes

Lo So Shing Beach

Along the hike you can see two small bays.

It was a bit bizarre though to see the Lamma Power Plant juxtaposed to the beach and nature.

During the hike we stopped to get an icy treat, very appropriate in the hot weather. My red bean popsicle was surprisingly tasty. I’m not always a fan of red bean desserts but this was creamy and lightly sweet.

There was a tofu fa stall near the end of our hike. Tofu fa is a traditional Chinese dessert. The elderly woman spooned slabs of soft tofu out of a vat into a small bowl and poured an amber-coloured syrup on top. It was served either hot or cold. Of course, we got the cold tofu fa. This was so refreshing. The tofu was soft and smooth. The syrup had a slight ginger note. Perhaps I liked this even more after the sweaty walk, and this was a perfect way to end the hike.

Bikes lined up by the ferry dock

After a long day, I went out to Lan Kwai Fong, the infamous clubbing district in Hong Kong. Haha, well, I just had drinks at a bar called Eivissa with some friends from my exchange to Singapore: one from Hong Kong and two from Canada! I hadn’t seen one of them since we last parted ways in Malacca, Malaysia over two years ago. It was great catching up and meeting friends they brought along too.

I don’t usually drink cocktails, but mine was delicious. It was called Penicillin and contained scotch, peated scotch, honey, lemon and freshly grated ginger. That sure was good for my throat. 😉 It was also HK$78 (about CDN$11), so I won’t be going out much more with those kind of prices. Since one of my friends had an early start the next day, we left relatively early. It was refreshing being back home by midnight. I should do that more often 🙂

Mak Siu Kee is located at 74B Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong. Other branch in Happy Valley.

Eivissa is located at 77 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong.


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  1. Opalla

    What a funny name for a cocktail, so medicinal. Did you like it?

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