Review: Australia Dairy Company

Australia Dairy Company is a cha chaan teng in Kowloon. Over the years, it has become a must visit every time I come to Hong Kong. I love their steaming bowls of milk custard, a traditional Chinese dessert. It has also become a must go for many people, including tourists. On this visit, my tablemates were not locals either. The first three spoke French and the second group spoke Mandarin. Still, many locals come here for breakfast and tea as can be demonstrated by the all-Chinese characters menu.

I found myself in a line, a good sign of the restaurant’s popularity, but I was inside within a few minutes. You wouldn’t go to Australian Dairy for the service or the relaxed atmosphere. The servers, all males and dressed in white smocks, were very efficient, maybe a little brusque. They wanted to take my order very quickly and get me out of there quickly too.

I ordered hot milk tea, hot milk custard and a scrambled egg sandwich, having practised this in Cantonese several times before 😉

The milk custard came out first after a few minutes. Australia Dairy kept many of these bowls of custard steaming so that was likely why it was ready so early. I was not sure how they kept them all so fresh, but they must be very popular. Each spoon was a delight. It was creamy and smooth and had the right amount of sweetness.

The milk tea came out next. This was also very smooth. This may have been my personal taste, but I thought that the tea could have been stronger or steeped longer to balance out the creaminess of the evaporated milk.

Lastly, the scrambled egg sandwich on toasted bread arrived. Their scrambled eggs are apparently a fan favourite. There used to be even a Facebook fan page for the eggs. My eggs were very rich. I felt there was too much butter though (yikes, is there such a thing?)  and on the dense side. The toast was perfectly crisp. While the eggs were tasty, I didn’t understand the hype around them.

I will definitely keep coming back here, but I will probably stick with the milk custard. The steamed egg custard is also quite tasty as well.

Australia Dairy is located at 47 Parkes Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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