The Art of Eating a Mango

Mangos for breakfast.

Mango overnight oats: 1/2 mango slightly mashed up, 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup milk and let the fridge do the work.

Mangos for snack.

Mangos for dinner.

Spicy mango tofu aka cooking without a recipe ūüôā

Heat oil in pan, saute tofu, add mango and any spices or chili sauce. Next time I’d use chicken or add some peppers or veggies to add some variety to the texture. I’d also put in the spices and chili sauce before the tofu.

I love mangos and they seem to taste even better here. I was very lucky when my Great Aunt Patricia bought some for me.

Mango from Australia on the left and from the Philippines on the right.

She also taught me a great trick to make the mangos last longer, since once mangos start to go brown, they all go brown very quickly: Wrap the mangos individually in newspaper and store in a bag in a cool dark place. Added bonus: the inside of the bag smells heavenly.

I like to slice the mango on both sides as close to the pit as possible. Then I “score” the flesh without piercing through the skin,

and pop!

Eat straight off the skin or use a spoon to scoop up perfectly bite-sized pieces. Then peel off the remaining skin around the pit and enjoy all the remaining mango goodness.

If you don’t want to get your hands sticky (but isn’t that part of the fun?) or, as my mom used to joke, if your significant other’s family gives you a mango to eat as a “test” of your table manners: Score a small rectangle slightly larger than a teaspoon¬†on the skin. Peel off the skin and eat as if you would eat a soft-boiled egg. Flip and repeat the process.


Bonus fruit round: persimmons. I didn’t always like persimmons because I thought they were too sweet. My family waited until the persimmons were soft to touch. By this stage, the insides were mushy. My great aunt told me you can eat persimmons while they are still firm. They are still sweet, but taste much fresher.

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