Review: Kau Kee Restaurant (Beef Brisket and Noodles)

Recently I met with a friend from Hong Kong whom I met during my exchange to Singapore two years ago. It was great seeing her again. She actually came to Toronto later that year and I showed her around a bit. This time she could show me the local’s  perspective of Hong Kong.

She brought me to Kau Kee Restaurant to eat beef brisket and noodles. Kau Kee is a small  hole in the wall restaurant and it seems these kinds restaurants often serve the best food. There was a line outside, which was a good sign. We didn’t have to wait long though to be seated with two other pairs already at the big round table. This kind of grouping is normal in Chinese restaurants. There’s no need to acknowledge the other people, which sounds a little anti-social, but people seem to just want to enjoy their food. I just have to make sure  I don’t accidentally bump elbows with the person beside me.

Kau Kee only serves one dish: beef brisket and noodles. There is a choice between three kinds of noodles (ho fun, a wide flat noodle, yee fun, a thin, flat noodle and vermicelli). There is also a choice between curry beef brisket or beef brisket and soup. I chose curry “yee fun.”

This was probably the best beef brisket and noodle I’d ever had. Firstly, the noodles were bountiful and soft, with a slight bite. The beef brisket was tender and fell apart with ease. The tendons melted in my mouth. The curry was so rich, but I just wanted to drink it up. Finally, the dish was garnished with green onions which cut through the richness. All together, the bowl of noodles was very satisfying and filled my stomach with warmth. Perfect meal to reconnect with a friend.

Kau Kee Restaurant is located at 21 Gough Street, Sheung Wan, Central, Hong Kong.

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One response to “Review: Kau Kee Restaurant (Beef Brisket and Noodles)

  1. pirateopalla

    This really looks very delicious. My mouth waters as I imagine the brisket falling apart with ease and the tendon melting in my mouth, yum.

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