I am officially a Uniqlo convert. Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that features good quality basics in a fantastic multitude of colours and prints for affordable prices. They also team up with well-known designers to create lines. Uniqlo is likened to H&M and Zara’s fast fashion.

By the way, I’m the first to admit that fashion is not my forte, so I don’t have a great judgement call on what looks good. However, there aren’t any shops in Canada yet so I couldn’t wait to go to one in Hong Kong. I stepped in and fell in love with the bright store and fun colours.

I went to one in the Miramar Shopping Centre near Tsim Sha Tsui MTR (the subway system) station. There’s a mosque outside the station which is a rare sight to see in HK.

An example of an HK mall. Very open and bright. This isn’t even one of the grander malls yet.

I just wanted to try on all the lovely colours. I got a v-neck, a printed t-shirt, a scarf and a casual blazer, which I’ve been looking for. I keep telling myself to stop buying t-shirts, but I think these are OK 😉

I was concerned at first because I’ve heard their sizes run small to fit the Japanese stature. The sizes seem to match North American sizes for the most part. I hope they come to Canada soon!

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