To market, to market

It’s funny how so much can change in a week. I have completed my first week at work which is going well enough. I am learning a lot about what it could be like to work in a law firm. There is still a language barrier, but I am hopefully, slowly, getting better.

I’ve also had the chance to walk around Central a little bit each day during lunch. I think I’m finally getting a better idea of how the streets go and where the lane-ways lead to. Success! Even though I am lucky to have visited Hong Kong several times, this is truly the first time I am getting to know Hong Kong as an adult. The past trips were family-oriented and involved lots of eating. Often I followed my parents around because like I’ve mentioned, it’s confusing. Now I can just walk.

Today I went down my current favourite street, Gage Street, because it’s at a very interesting intersection of different slants. I then stumbled onto a market after turning a corner onto Graham Street. A bevy of fruits and veggies! The weird thing was that this was tucked in right behind the main road with all the modern shops. I didn’t have the guts to buy anything from the vendors, but we can enjoy some pictures.

It was someone’s last day at work today and we all got a choice of teatime snacks from a restaurant chain downstairs, Oliver’s SuperSandwiches. I got peanut butter french toast, frankfurter and egg salad. Welcome to Hong Kong’s combinations of food. I so wish that I could say that this combo was better than it sounds to the Western ear… but it was like how it sounds. Not bad, but not like, say, that special sweet + salty combination.

HK-style French toast is so yummy and indulgent. Thick white bread dipped in egg and fried by submerging it in oil. Sometimes people spread peanut butter or kaya  (a popular Southeast Asian jam made with coconut milk, eggs and sugar, sometime with pandan essence) in it before frying.


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2 responses to “To market, to market

  1. Love those market photos! INTERESTING food combo there – the french toast sounds delightful (is it anything like condensed milk toast at bubble tea places?).

    • Bea

      I actually haven’t tried milk toast before! Excuse to go back to Waterloo? I think they use the same fluffy crustless white bread but it’s a little different since this is fried and not toasted.

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