Google Maps tells me that it takes fifteen minutes to walk home from work. However, Google Maps does not show elevation. Hong Kong is HILLY! There are also winding roads and lovely (looking) staircases, lanes and alleys everywhere. Definitely not the familiar grid-like pattern found in downtown Toronto.

Yesterday I decided to walk home from work. The final step was to cut through the HK Zoological and Botanical Garden. I somehow entered the wrong side of the park which is connected to the side I wanted to get to only through an underpass which was learned about later. Otherwise, a roads separated the two sides. Needless to say, I became more disoriented and started going up a very steep road thinking it would cut back to somewhere I recognized. I started to become worried that I would get all the way up the Peak in heels!

Cute kittens outside the park; photo taken before I realized I was lost.

Luckily I decided to turn back. Somehow I found another entrance into the park, just as the guard was locking the gate since the park closes at 7pm. He let me back in and walked me to the other side which he had already locked. I got back home safe and sound.

Oh, and this was all in the hot, humid climate of Hong Kong! Yep, I was sweating a lot by the time I got home. The last few times I had been in Hong Kong was in December and it was warm, not like now in May. People say July is even worse. The smog doesn’t help. It seems that even the most glamourous women have a slight sheen on their faces, which I find comforting since I think I sweat more than average. I think I’ll stop waxing on about sweat now!

All being said about the heat and pollution, Hong Kong is an exciting city. I haven’t had a chance to explore more on my own so far. However, the sheer number of people and general bustle is a big contrast to Toronto.

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