So Nice

Hello from Hong Kong! I’m doing my best to stay awake so that I can get over jet lag as soon as possible. Hopefully this entry is still lucid.

I got mostly settled in today which included a trip to the nearby grocery store. An interesting aspect of this chain of stores is that it seems to also serve the ex-pat community, particularly in the area I am now staying, so there are a lot of brands on the shelf that are not available in the Canadian grocery store I frequent back home. Granted, the prices of imported goods are pretty high, but it’s really tempting to buy some UK cereals I’ve read about before. There is even Fage Greek yogurt. Also, check out the US branding of the Nature Valley bars which is different from the Canadian ones I brought from home.

So Nice from Canada 🙂

I bought some Chinese kale/broccoli (“kai lan”), Ceylon black tea, Malaysian instant coffee that includes creamer mixed with the coffee granules, and tofu. I think the fruits are relatively cheaper. I also picked up some Skippy peanut butter–yep, very North American of me. Lastly, I got some oats, because oatmeal is tasty but also because I think that is going to be the a main source of whole grains here. Even most of the whole wheat bread has wheat flour as the first ingredient.

Today’s visit to the grocery store made me think about the nature of the world food export and import industry. I saw the same Driscoll berries from the US that are sold in Ontario being sold here in Hong Kong and it made me question just how these berries stay fresh when they are shipped across the world. I know that buying local is not necessarily better, but the concept is still quite odd.

After a large lunch today with family, I had a simple dinner of veg and congee (rice porridge) with century old egg and salted pork. Congee as you may imagine can be quite plain without any additions. Century old egg is black and fermented but obviously not for a century (at least I hope not!). It is creamy and has a nutty taste.

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  1. pirateopalla

    Nice…congee is the best meal after a heavy meal

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