marmalade dreams

I’m back home with my parents now for a few days before going to Hong Kong to work for two months! Hopefully I’ll have some spare time and do and eat things worth blogging about 😉 In the meantime, I’m packing, tying up loose ends and watching Food Network in HD. It’s a whole new experience.

It’s great being at home and enjoying food I don’t usually have back in Toronto. Take this delicious ginger and orange marmalade my Great Auntie June makes every year for her church’s Christmas fair. Bright and chunky! On my dad’s homemade bread + almond butter:

Full disclosure: I didn’t always like marmalade, and that was tough, because I was a huge fan of Paddington Bear when I was younger and I didn’t understand why he liked it so much. Either I was eating the wrong kind of store-bought marmalade or my taste buds are slowly deteriorating and I no longer mind the bitterness of the peel, because marmalade rocks.

I liked this marmalade so much I asked my mom if it was possible to get the recipe from Great Auntie June, but apparently she’s a bit paranoid of the recipe getting out and creating competition within the church fair. The marmalade is that good though so I don’t blame her.

I would also have to learn how to make jams and preserves first. That has been on my to-do list for at least three years now. Will this summer be the time? I sure hope so.

Another perk of being at home: using the Griddler. Lunch was a panini with avocado, tuna and strawberries.

I snapped a shot of this quick breakfast before leaving Toronto and I wanted to share because it was such a sunny day. Breakfast contained orange, grapes, scrambled eggs and a slice of whole wheat honey cake.

I fly out on Friday so this is likely my last blog post before leaving. I’m excited, but a little nervous to be working in a new environment. I can’t wait to eat the food in Hong Kong. I was actually there for a holiday last Christmas, but it will be different this time since I’ll be there for longer. I also hope I’ll be able to cook as well and figure out what people eat when it’s not a holiday i.e. how do people stay so petite there and eat what I think they do? I am thinking lots of tofu and veggies?

Until next time!

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