Challenge time

Over the last couple years, I’ve really enjoyed participating in Food Network Canada’s monthly cooking club challenge whenever I can because it gives me a reason to try out a new recipe. You can either follow the recipe “to a T” or make your own changes. Food Network posts up all the entries at the end, and it’s fun to see what everyone else has made. Sometimes the challenges are more complicated and quite the challenge indeed, and sometimes they are simple.

This month FNC introduced a Baking Club Challenge in honour of Anna Olson’s new show Bake, which I can’t wait to watch. There were two Anna Olson recipe options: flourless chocolate orange cake and baked apple almond cakes. Partly due to the shareability of the dessert and a little bit of laziness, I chose the flourless chocolate cake made with ground almonds, chocolate, orange zest and orange liqueur. Mmm, can’t go wrong there!

Melty chocolate

A double yolk in an egg!

Mixing in the almonds and zest


For some reason we don’t have skewers so I test my cake with deep knife gashes. The cake still tastes the same, right? My family doesn’t really care how the cake looks…

This makes a very dense and rich chocolate cake.  The orange flavour really comes through. I also used a springform pan for the first time. Those pans amuse me so much. Can’t wait to make some cheesecakes.


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2 responses to “Challenge time

  1. I must say, I like the “deep knife gash” touch. Looks dense and delicious (that reminds me of ICM…heehee).

    • Bea

      YES, McCain’s Deep and Delicious + added iron from blood. I think the next time all ICM are in a room we have to have ice cream cake.

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