Toronto Eats: Food Cabbie

Toronto’s street food scene is known to be lacking. We have a lot of hot dogs, which do hit the spot when necessary, but we are missing variety. Over the last couple years though there has been a lot of street food events, but I’ve missed the ones this year because of school. That’s why I was so excited to try Food Cabbie this week, especially since I live quite near it, but it’s closed by the time I get home.

My neighbourhood is interesting and I definitely see the “street ballet” Jane Jacobs wrote about when I do get a chance to stay home and see the neighbourhood during the day. You have the George Brown students and a lot of the workers in the nearby offices. Restaurants that are either closed or empty during the weekends are filled with people during lunch hour.

Food Cabbie has a great social media presence and they post their specials every day. This day I decided to go old school and went without checking before. The day’s special was Baja fish tacos–score!!! Food Cabbie also have regularly Chicago-style hot dogs, burgers, grilled cheese and the like.

I got the tacos. Chunks of grilled fish, crunchy and creamy coleslaw on tortilla, and a squeeze of lime. Delicious.

Food Cabbie is located at Queen St. E. and Dalhousie, between Church and Jarvis. It might be found on the edge of a parking lot, but don’t let that deter you!

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  1. Nice find!! A bit jealous that you live so close to a legitimate food truck.

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