kitchen frenzy

I’ve spent the last few days making up for chores my sister was kind enough to let me slack off on during exams. I’ve also been walking tons, because I didn’t get a metropass this month. Lastly, I baked and cooked!

First, here’s a quick breakfast I put together after a Jillian Michael’s workout vid, Extreme Buns and Thighs, ha ha. It was my first time doing this one, and she was cracking so many jokes I was laughing and sweating. Anyway, my refreshing breakfast mix: cottage cheese, grapes, last bits of granola and a little piece of cake!

And here is the whole cake: honey whole wheat loaf from Joy the Baker’s cookbook

I also made oatmeal walnut sandwich cookies with a peanut butter filling, another Joy the Baker recipe. This is actually the first time I’ve made sandwich cookies. It’s not that it’s particularly hard to spread filling between two cookies, but I just never bother. These looked so good that I had to make them. For some reason they did not spread out as much, but they are just as delicious. Just kinda funny lookin’ ๐Ÿ™‚

And because one cannot survive on baked goods alone, I defrosted some chicken breast I bought a while back and made chicken and a red wine sauce with tomato, mushroom, onion plus Worcestershire sauce, mustard, thyme and chili powder. The red wine was, umm, old (I won’t say how old right now), but my sister told me to use it up. For next time, I’ll use less chili powder than the recipe called for because it is quite spicy. Maybe tasting the sauce before I spice is good ๐Ÿ˜‰

Plated with kale and brown rice

One thing I want to learn is to stop cooking from a recipe, as Michael Smith says. Maybe that’s why I like baking, because you are supposed to follow the recipe. Hope I can find my cooking intuition during the summer and obtain a pantry like Michael Smith.


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3 responses to “kitchen frenzy

  1. Opalla

    If you have food to spare, let me know.

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