Review: Country Style Hungarian Restaurant – Schnitzel!

Last night I went with my sister and her boyfriend to try Country Style, a Hungarian restaurant that is famous for its schnitzel. My first dinner outing in who knows how long! It is located in the Annex at Bloor near Brunswick. I must have walked by this place at least twenty times, but I have never even noticed it (then again, I’m known to being oblivious to some things). After NOW magazine put it as one of the top places for casual dining, my sister wanted to go and I definitely was into some good comfort food.

But why not the schnitzel? For some reason I’ve had some bad experiences with schnitzel. To me, it’s always cold and dry. My first good schnitzel was at the Distillery Christmas Market this past year. It was hot, crunchy and great way to keep warm.

Last night’s schnitzel has also showed me how delicious schnitzel can be. We got the Country Style platter for two. It would be generous for four too, but the three of us managed to demolish it. The platter comes with the traditional schnitzel, Parisian schnitzel, sausage, pickled beets, potatoes, rice and cabbage rolls. Did I get everything?

The traditional schnitzel (lowest layer) was my favourite. The meat was about a quarter inch thick which was a good proportion between meat and crispy breading. However, when we split up the platter into three, one of us ended up with just breading and no meat. The Parisian schnitzel is meat dipped in batter which just has egg and flour, and no breading, so it is less crispy. The sausage taste like pepperoni and was sliced so it would spread out when cooked. It reminded me of making “spiders” out of hot dogs over a campfire.

The cabbage rolls were also very generous. The cabbage rolls I’ve had contain mostly rice, but this was essentially meat loaf wrapped in cabbage covered in tomato sauce and sour cream. For dessert we split an apple strudel. The pastry was flaky and crispy.

The service was friendly. The red and white checkered table cloths were a nice touch. It’s definitely a great family restaurant. One improvement is for there to be fresher bread–we think the bread was the Bavarian bread that comes pre-sliced.

Country Style Hungarian Restaurant, 450 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Just as we stepped out onto Bloor Street, I bumped into some of my friends from school on their way to Pour Boy, one of my favourite bars. I was impulsive for once and joined them. Pour Boy has a relaxed atmosphere and affordable food and drinks. I love summer and freedom.

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